Biotin for hoof growth

Biotalg provides Biotin, which supports a uniform growth on the hoof. It is also rich in trace elements,particularly copper and zinc, which are useful in the regeneration of the horny hoof tissue and skin annexes (coat, mane, tail).

The horse hoof grows on average by about 1 cm every month: the use of adequate doses of biotin, associated with co-administered Norwegian seaweed, can allow to double the speed of growth.

Proper use

Mix Biotalg with the usual daily ration gradually beginning administration, to allow the horse toget used to the new taste. We recommend a continuous administration for 4-6 months extendableup to 9 months for those horses with particularly abnormal hooves.

The recommended doses are as follows:
Ponies: 20/30 g daily (approximately 1 measuring cup)
Horses: 50 g daily (approximately 2 measuring cups)


Biotalg 600 gr jar