Daily protection for your horse stomach

Gastrocure is a complementary feed for horses that supports the proper digestive function andkeeps the gastric wall in physiological conditions.Its use can contribute to the maintenance of proper gastric acidity, facilitating the digestive processes that occur within the stomach, thus contributing to the general horse welfare. These features are particularly useful in horses subjected to intense sports activity or fed primarilywith concentrated feed.

Gastrocure:     - exerts a buffering activity on the gastric acidity 

                           - protects the gastric mucosa

                           - stimulates the gastric mucus production                  

                                     - exerts an antioxidant activity      

Proper use

Horses weighing 500-600 kg: administer the product for a period of 10 consecutive days at therate of 170 gr daily (equivalent to 2 x 85 g measuring cups), and subsequently for 10consecutive days at the rate of 85 gr daily (equivalent to 1 measuring cup).

Horses weighingup to 300 kg: halve the dosages indicated above.

The recommended quantities should be dividedaccording to the meals number based on feed actually administered. Such minimum dosingperiod may be extended according to the opinion of the attending veterinarian. The product
must be thoroughly mixed with the feed. Provide the subject with drinking water at will.


Gastrocure 2,6 Kg jar