Energy and gastric protection for competition

GastroRace brings branched amino acids (I-Leucine, I-Isoleucine, I-valine) capable of providing energy readily available for muscular effort. Moreover, thanks to the presence of buffer substances and promugel®, it is able to ensure an effective gastric protection against the hyperacidity induced by stress.

Promugel® is a complex of mucilages able to protect the mucosa from excessive gastric acidity, due to the formation of a protective viscous gel. GastroRace acts quickly, and can be used in those horses usually subjected to gastro-protective treatments.

GastroRace quickly provides energy, protects stomach mucous membrane and reduces gastric acidity

Proper use

Administer directly into the horse’s mouth at the rate of 1 syringe 1-2 hours before competition.

Incase of competitions spread over several days administer 1 syringe per day with the same mode for all days needed.


GastroRace protects stomach mucosa during competitions