Nuovo Complesso Foals

For perfect muscle-skeletal development and for an effective immunity protection

Nuovo Complesso Foals, thanks to its composition rich in mineral salts and essential amino acids, is able to stimulate the body’s normal biological processes in promoting bone growth and muscle growth, correcting the protein imbalances of the feed ration. The high content of iron and vitamin C allows increasing the body’s resistance to infectious diseases and anaemic debilitating conditions.

Proper use 

Administer 100 g (equivalent to one measuring cup) for each foal daily, to be mixed with the usual feed ration:
Foals 6-12 months: 30 g each Kg of feed (1 measuring cup and a half every 5 kg of feed)
Foals 12-24 months: 20 g each Kg of feed (1 measuring cup every 5 kg of feed)


Nuovo complesso Foals 4 kg and 20kg jars