Oxyliver supports the liver function in case of chronic liver insufficiency

Oxyliver is a product for sport horses suited to maintain a proper organic metabolism, in particular for horses that perform intense sporting activity, and which require an increased resistance to fatigue, to optimize the athletic performance.

Silybin (Siliphos ® Indena) and Turmeric (Meriva® Indena) complexed with phospholipides contained in Oxyliver, protect the liver from toxins accumulation and free radicals that are produced during intense physical exercise. Silybin also stimulates natural antioxidants hepatic production, including glutathione. Oxyliver also contains melon extract (Melofeed® Lallemand: natural SOD - superoxide dismutase source), vitamin C and vitamin E, with antioxidant activity and useful to neutralize free radicals that are produced as a result of the increased muscle and energy metabolism.

Proper use

Administer Oxyliver in the ratio of 1 measuring cup of 30 g daily initially up to six months. 

It is recommended a veterinarian’s opinion before use or before extending the period of use. Thoroughly mix the content of the measuring cup in the feed. Provide the horse with drinking water at will.


Oxyliver 450 gr jar