Prevention and control of electrolyte disorders and acid-base balance

Recover is indicated to maintain electrolyte and acid-base balance during daily training. The contentof sodium, chlorine, potassium, magnesium and calcium is specially balanced to compensate for electrolyte losses consequent to intense sweating caused by physical activity; the buffer substances (bicarbonate and sodium citrate), supported by glycine and choline, ensure the acid-base balance maintenance and the lactic acid production.

During physical stress a horse can lose an average of 20 litres of sweat, depending on the activity intensity. These losses can be even higher in case of high ambient temperature.

Proper use

Mix Recover at the rate of 40 g (1 measuring cup) 1-2 timesa day, depending on the physical effort intensity and sweating, to the usual daily ration. Provide the horse with drinking water at will.


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