X-Treme Blood

X-Treme Blood contains blueberry and vitis vinifera

X-treme Blood is a product indicated to ensure a regular circulatory function in sport horses, and when nutritional substances may be useful to stimulate a proper erythrocytes and hemoglobin production.

Proanthocyanins contained in Vitis vinifera (Enovita® Indena) and Vaccinium myrtillus extracts protect capillaries during the aerobic effort. Iron and copper are chelated with amino acids, thus helping their intestinal absorption.

Proper use

Administer X-Treme blood following this scheme:

- adult horses.. 40 g (two scoops of 20 g) daily for 15 days.

- foals................20 g (one scoop of 20g) daily for 15 days.

Administer X-Treme Blood together with the feed.


X-Treme Blood 600 gr jar