X-Treme Muscle

X-Treme Muscle optimises muscular functionality and reduces overwork stress

X-Treme Muscle is indicated for muscles well-being of sport horses and foals, particularly during intense training. The beneficial effect of beta-alanine, carnosine's precursor, on muscular metabolism and lactate production, is associated to beneficial lysine effect. Lysine is an amino acid required for a correct muscular development.

Furthermore, X-Treme Muscle contains melon extract (Melofeed® Lallemand: natural SOD – superoxide dismutase source), E vitamin and organic selenium (Alkosel ® Lallemand), with antioxidant activity useful to ensure muscle integrity and resistance during athletic effort.

Proper use

Administer X-Treme Muscle following this scheme:

- adult horses .............. 40 g (two scoops of 20 g) daily for 15 days

- foals ............................20 g (one scoop of 20 g) daily for 15 days

Administer X-Treme Muscle together with the feed.


X-Treme Muscle 600 gr jar