Unguento zoccoli cornier

Unguento zoccoli cornier nourishes the hoof and helps its regeneration, stimulating the keratogenous tissue

Unguento zoccoli cornier is indicated as an adjuvant in the hoof growth treatment. It stimulates the horny substance growth and the concomitant maintenance of its elasticity.

The Unguento zoccoli cornier is specific for high-performance and polo horses and is specially intended to enhance the hoof’s growth and maintain its correct flexibility. The addition of Turpentine oil provides stimulating and eutrophic action and the high content of Vitamins A, D and F contributes to maintaining the hoof in top condition.


Cod liver oil, Beeswax, Vitamins A, D, and F, and Turpentine oil.


After cleaning thoroughly the area to be treated, apply to the hoof (crown and hoof wall). Daily application will ensure the best results.


When warm, the product may liquefy. Such a condition does not affect its efficacy.

For veterinary use only. Keep out of reach of children.

Cornier hooves ointment 750 gr jar