SEBOLAS® Oil Shampoo

Soothing and adjuvant in sebum hypersecretion and associated symptoms

Indications: SEBOLAS® Oil Shampoo is a treatment to fight and prevent skin hypersecretion. Its formula contains: LAS® and Piroctoneolamine, specific active agents that perform a bacteriostatic action and control excess sebum. Salicylic acid, controls the desquamation allowing to detach the particles on the surface. Verbascoside to ensure a tonic purifying action. It deeply cleanses the scalp and the hair regains a healthy, shiny and clean appearance. If used regularly, SEBOLAS® Oil Shampoo ensures a healthy and vital appearance to hair and helps to strengthen the protective barrier of the scalp.

Pharmaceutical form: Shampoo-oil
Available sizes: 150ml bottle
Period after opening: 18 months

Sebolas Shampoo-oil