Candiomix Growth - Plumage - Reproduction

GROWTH: Candiomix growth promotes growth in young birds. It is rich in amino acids, water-soluble and liposoluble vitaminsreducing death causes and ensuring a quick and proper growth.

PLUMAGE: Candiomix plumage providing active ingredients essential to grow thick and luxuriant plumage. Recommendedduring moulting season, growth of juvenile plumage and together with all therapies related to featheringdiseases.

REPRODUCTION: Candiomix reproduction is rich in vitamins and amino acids essential during brooding time. It stimulates reproduction both in males and females, improves eggs laying and increases percentage of hatching.

How to use

GROWTH: Mix 10 g Candiomix growth every kg of feed daily during the whole growing period until 16 weeks of age.

PLUMAGE: Mix 10 g Candiomix plumage every kg of feed daily during the whole moulting season and while preparing

REPRODUCTION: Mix 5 g Candiomix reproduction every litre of drinking water or 10 g every kg of feed  day during
the whole mating period and in particular 15 to 20 days before breeding

Stir well to obtain a well-blended mixture. If the feed is mixed to liquids, replace it daily.

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