Liquid Vitaminic Supplement

Vitaminic solution to use when birds are overtired

Liquid Vitaminic Supplement can be used when birds are worn out, as adjuvant with severe and chronic diseases; in case of insufficient or unilateral feeding, lack of vitamins due to antibiotics and/or chemotherapy; during breeding or healing
period, and development period for the yungsters; in case of early aging, problems with vocal cords or in case of behavioural changes.

How to use

Caged, aviary birds and messenger pigeons: administer 11g/kg of feed (corresponding to 30 drops each 50 g of feed) or 5.5 g for each litre of drinking water (corresponding to 15 drops each 50 ml of water). Extend the treatment for 10-15 days or administer for 5 days followed by 2 days of rest, repeating 3 times such cycle. Renew drinking water every 24 hours.

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