Vigorpet cats and dogs are multivitaminic, energetic and tonic paste and tablets against stress

VIGORPET DOGS tablets is useful to compensate increased metabolic and energetic needs due to organic stress situations such as: heavy workload, intensive physical activity, surgeries, infective diseases, troubled metabolism due to heart, hepatic or renal diseases, long starvation, aging, growth difficulty. To be used whenever needed to stimulate the general body shape and the dog immune system.

How to use

Administer one tablet each 15 kg of body weight once or twice a day for one to two weeks, directly into the mouth or mix with feed. Administration could vary according to organic stress and depending on your Veterinarian's advice.


VIGORPET CATS paste provides adequate intake of vitamins and aminoacids useful in case of: weakness, post-surgical recovery, infections, metabolic imbalances, fasting, aging, growing, pregnancy and lactation. Vigorpet cats can be used to stimulate general conditions thanks to its content of branched aminoacids.

How to use

Administer directly into the mouth or mix with food for 7-15 days following this dosage scheme:

Cats up to 2.5 kg body weight:            2 cm of paste daily
Cats between 2.5-5 kg body weight:  3 cm of paste daily
Cats more than 5 kg body weight:     4 cm of paste daily

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