Specific toothpaste for dogs and cats

DENTALPET is a highly adhesive, specific toothpaste for dogs and cats. Its active ingredients (Zinc citrate, Ginkgo biloba extract, Malva sylvestris extract and Sodium monofluorophosphate) make it ideal for the daily oral care of pets. DentalPet has a soothing and emollient action on gums, strengthens tooth enamel and enhances oral cavity natural defences. Its continued use is an effective tool to prevent the onset of oral inflammation and is a valuable method for controlling halitosis.

How to use

Apply DENTALPET on teeth and gums and rub gently for about one minute using the appropriate finger brush for best results, or with a finger or a toothbrush. Apply several times a week.

DentalPet toothpaste for dogs and cats