DentalPet Spray

Chlorhexidine oral spray for dogs and cats

DENTALPET SPRAY is a mouthwash for dogs and cats that, thanks to its alcohol-free formulation and active ingredients, develops many beneficial effects on the teeth and oral cavity. Chlorhexidine is an antibacterial that, acting by contact, prevents bacterial growth and inhibits dental plaque build-up. Mallow and Ginkgo biloba extracts have a lenitive, soothing and strengthening action on gums. Trioxyethyl rutin is a bioflavonoid that helps strengthen gums microcirculation. Sodium Fluoride gives Fluorine to teeth enamel reinforcing it.

How to use

Spray daily on teeth and gums. Rinsing is not required because the product does not contain ingredients that might cause gastritis even if swallowed; it does not cause anomalous hair colouring. It is recommended not to exceed 21 consecutive days of application. Application cycles can be repeated several times, according to the Veterinarian’s advice.

DentalPet Spray 50ml