Kelly Brush

Abrasive sponges for the oral hygiene of dog's teeth and gums

Kelly Brush is an innovative system that cleans your dog's teeth and gums with a simple massage that your fingers perform wearing special plaque-removing sponges. 

Instructions for proper use

  • Prior to use wear disposable protective gloves (not included in the package)  
  • Progressively accustom the pet to manipulating its mouth, by lifting the lips and rubbing teeth and gums with disposable gloves, possibly spreading an appropriate amount of specific DentalPet Candioli toothpaste. Repeat the operation for several days.
  • After this initial period apply on your thumb and forefinger the two Kelly Brush self-adhesive sponges, after removing the protecting paper on their back. Apply the shortest sponge on the thumb and the longest one on the forefinger, and adapt them to the fingers shape.
  • After moistening the KELLY BRUSH sponges and applying on them an appropriate amount of specific DentalPet Candioli toothpaste, insert your thumb and forefinger in the dog's mouth, always starting from the back, while holding its mouth closed and placing the two fingers between its teeth and cheeks.
  • Gently rub in anteroposterior and supero-inferior direction, while holding the dog's head still with the other hand; around the canines make rotation movements with the fingertips covered with KELLY BRUSH.
  • At the end of the manual operation, it may be useful to reward the pet with its favourite treat, to make subsequent operations easier.

Kelly Brush - Toothbrush sponges

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