Actea Dermo

Dermatological lotion containing natural peptide Lactoferricin B

Lotion for dermatological use in cats and dogs, ACTEA DERMO is indicated as an adjunct in treating skin conditions characterised by itching, redness, changes in hydrolipidic film and bacterial and fungal flora, also associated with excessive production of sebum and unpleasant odour. Thanks to its protective, soothing and sanitising properties, Actea Dermo can even be used to prevent skin infections of various origins in predisposed subjects.

Actea Dermo is generally recommended in all situations where the physiological conditions of the skin have to be restored.

How to use

Apply a suitable amount of product, according to the area of skin surface to be treated, twice a day. Gently rub to assure the product is adequately spread over the skin surface and suitably penetrates the hydrolipidic film. Repeat the operation for 10-20 consecutive days, until normal skin conditions are restored.

The exclusive formula LAS® is a patented* mix with natural molecules to effectively control inflammation, itching, bacterial and fungal overgrowth.

*world patent n. WO 2016/046108

Actea Dermo dermatological lotion with natural peptide