Actea Oral

Stomatological gel containing natural peptide Lactoferricin B

Highly adhesive stomatological protective gel, ACTEA ORAL is indicated as an aid in the treatment of periodontal ailments in dogs and cats (e.g. gingivitis, stomatitis, periodontitis). It counters plaque formation and quickly reduces halitosis. Thanks to its protective action, Actea Oral quickly restores the physiological conditions of the oral mucosa, even after tartar removal and tooth extractions.

How to use

Apply a suitable amount of product, gently rubbing the gums, twice a day for 10-20 consecutive days. To assure maintenance of the oral cavity’s physiological conditions, apply once a day following your Veterinarian's advice. To open the tube, pull the cap up while slightly turning it at the base.

The exclusive formula LAS® is a patented* mix with natural molecules to effectively control inflammation, itching, bacterial and fungal overgrowth.

*world patent n. WO 2016/046108

Actea Oral stomatological gel with natural peptide