Actea Oto

Ear drops containing natural peptide Lactoferricin B

Emulsion for otological use in cats and dogs, ACTEA OTO is indicated as an adjunct in treating external ear conditions characterisedby itching, redness, changes in bacterial and fungal flora, associated with excessive production of cerumenand unpleasant odour. Thanks to its cerumenolytic, soothing and sanitising properties, Actea Oto can even be used to prevent ear infections of various origins in predisposed subjects. Actea Oto is generally recommended in any situation where the ear canal physiological conditions need to be restored.

How to use

Apply 4-8 drops per ear, depending on the animal size, twice a day. Delicately massage the ear base to allow the productto be adequately distributed inside. Repeat the operation for 10-20 consecutive days until the ear is clean and free of cerumen and secretions. To open the tube, pull the cap up while slightly turning it at the base.

The exclusive formula LAS® is a patented* mix with natural molecules to effectively control inflammation,itching, bacterial and fungal overgrowth.

*world patent n. WO 2016/046108

Actea Oto 15 ml ear drops with natural peptide Actea Oto 30 ml ear drops with natural peptide