Actea Shampoo

Dermatological shampoo containing natural peptide Lactoferricin B

Dermatological use shampoo for cats and dogs, ACTEA SHAMPOO is indicated for effective cleansing of the coat and skin. The product’s special composition gives soothing and sanitising properties to Actea Shampoo. Furthermore, it helps to maintain the normal skin lipid film and contributes to limit itching, bacterial and fungal overgrowth. 

Actea Shampoo can therefore be used for regular and ongoing cleansing, in case of normal skin, as well as to prevent and treat skin conditions of various origins in susceptible subjects, thanks to its protective and soothing action.

Actea Shampoo is generally recommended as a skin and coat detergent in any situations where the physiological skin conditions need to be restored.

How to use

Apply a suitable amount of product, according to the pet size,and gently rub in to produce plenty of suds. Leave to act for 5 minutes then rinse. Follow your Veterinarian's advice on the frequency and duration of applications.

The exclusive formula LAS® is a patented* mix with natural molecules to effectively control inflammation, itching, bacterial and fungal overgrowth.

*world patent n. WO 2016/046108

Actea Shampoo shampoo with natural peptide