Diclorex Foam

Hygienizing and protective dermatological foam for dogs and cats

Dermatological foam, DICLOREX FOAM is indicated as adjuvant during therapies of various skin diseases (originated by allergies, bacteria, parasites, fungi, scratching, etc). Its innovative composition enhances the deep cleansing and hygienization of skin, favouring the reconstitution of a lipidic layer that protects the skin and decreases itching and irritation usually due to cutaneous alterations. It can be used alone or as topical adjuvant in association with specific therapies while treating dermatitis. It is easily and completely absorbed.

How to use

Press the trigger to obtain the desired quantity of mousse. Spread it on the area to be treated twice a day or as needed, and gently massage. Extend the application until resolution, following your Veterinarian's advice

Diclorex Foam - Foam with chlorhexidine and tee tree oil