Ear detergent for dogs and cats

Otologic preparation for dogs and cats with a keratolytic, anti-earwax, emollient, moisturising and sanitising action. NEOXIDE is indicated to normally clean healthy animals’ ears. Furthermore, thanks to its properties, it helps preventing otitis in susceptible subjects (Cockers, Poodles, etc). NEOXIDE can also be used as an adjuvant in the pharmacological treatment of ear infections of different origins.

How to use

Apply 5-6 drops per ear in dogs and 2 drops in cats. Softly massage the ear basis, thus leaving the animal free to shake its head and eliminate the dissolved material. In case some product leak out of the ear duct, wash the hair with a suitable detergent. Repeat the treatment daily until the ear appears clean and free of ear wax; then, instill once a week as a preventative measure.


Neoxide - Ear detergent with chlorhexidine