BeSame maintains the normal metabolic conditions and promotes a proper hepatic functionality


The substances contained in BeSame 100/200 are useful to maintain the normal pets metabolic conditions and to promote a proper hepatic functionality.

Siliphos® is an innovative patented complex, thatcombines the well-known properties of silybin, one of the most active components of Silybum marianumextract (silymarin), to phosphatidylcholine activity. This combination allows silybin more rapid and complete intestinal absorption, up to 4 times than the dry extract. The fermentativederivative, OXOMET, contained in BeSame, provides natural antioxidant substances, able to normalize and maintain thehepatic antioxidant and antitoxic defences in a suitable amount, exerting beneficial effects in dogs and cats.

How to use

Administer BeSame 100/200 tablets for a minimum of 30 days,according to the following scheme, mixed with food or directly
into the animal’s mouth.

Dogs and cats:1 BeSame 100 tab each 5 kg BW daily.            
                           1 BeSame 200 tab each 10 kg BW daily

Split the daily dosage in two times, one in the morning and onein the evening. The veterinarian’s advice is recommended beforethe use of the product. Water should be available at all times.

BeSame 100/200 tablets range for dogs and cats BeSame 100 mg cats and small dogs BeSame 200 mg dogs

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