GlutaMax Forte

GlutaMax Forte supports liver function in case of chronic liver failure in dogs and cats

GlutaMax Forte is intended to properly support the liver function in case of chronic liver failure, either alone orcombined to specific diets or therapies, following the Veterinarian’s advice. In particular, GlutaMax Forte can be used to treat primary or secondary liver dysfunctions in dogs due to intoxications, special drug therapies, infectious or parasitic diseases. Due to its antioxidant activity, the product is useful to treat all those clinical situations requiring a quick, strong effect against free radicals production.

GlutaMax Forte is a complementary feed for particular nutritional purposes for dogs and cats.

How to use

Administer GlutaMax Forte for an initial minimum period of 20-40 days and a maximum of 6 months, following the Veterinarian’s advice.

DOGS: Daily administer 1 tablet per 10 kg BW directly into the mouth or adding it to the usual feed ration. It is better to split the daily dosage into two administrations.

CATS: Daily administer 1 ml of paste per 3.5 kg BW directly into the mouth or adding it to the usual feed ration. 

It is recommended to seek the advice of a Veterinarian before use or before extending the period of administration.


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