Confis Start

Supports a correct growth and joint maintenance in dogs

Confis start is a dietetic complementary feed for dogs, formulated for the support of the metabolism of joint in case of osteoarthritis. Confis start contains Glucosamine (purity > 99%;  molecular weight 216 Da) and Chondroitin sulphate (purity 100%; molecular weight 16,9 kDa) that maintain functionality and joint mobility. 

Instruction for proper use:

Administer Confis start directly into the mouth or mix with food according the following daily quantities:
1 tablet each 20 kg of body weight
Recommended lenght of time: initially up to 3 months. It is recommended that a veterinary surgeon's opinion be sought before use or before extending the period of use. It is advisable to perform cycles of administration each 3/6 months for 6/8 weeks, depending on dog weight, to obtain the expected benefit on the joint metabolism. Tablets may be administered as a single day dosage. 
Dietetic complementary feed for particular nutritional purposes for dogs.

Confis Start 40 tablets for dogs